Wednesday, March 16, 2011

This Time Last Year

We were off to watch the sunset penguin parade at Phillip Island. Hundreds of wild Little Penguins, the world's smallest penguin, waddle up the beach each night to their sand dune burrows.

You are not allowed to use any cameras at the "Penguin Parade", however next morning we headed to the far end of Phillip Island, to an area called The Nobbies where we were free to wander along the board walks and take photos at the naturally nesting penguins.

The coastline is very steep and quite rugged yet these Little Penguins manage the journey to and from the sea in search of food.

Miss E is not having a tantrum, she is playing I SPY with some penguins!


Robyn said...

We've been to The Nobbies a few times since we moved over. Didn't have a lot of luck spotting them though. They are really good at hiding!

SarahZ said...

Such sweet pictures of I SPY, both above and below the boardwalk! (And now she is being buried in the sand...and liking it :)

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