Thursday, June 26, 2014

Two Quilts? Knots and Games

I love each of the two piles above but I have to concede that they don't blend well together. 

My Fresh Fields quilt is a long term epp project however the serene effect I have been working towards doesn't sit well with the navy or brighter golds.  Seems I'll be adding some more brights and highlights to make a second epp project. The gold centred flower above (just finished today) is made with a couple of new-to-me Laura Gunn fabrics. I plan to include more in these tones to this "new" project. In fact, I'm really liking the gold and navy together.....

Most of my stitching time in the last week has been spent on a special request which involved no cutting but lots of careful quilting. Much time was spent tying end threads in knots and burying them in the batting. Is this how other quilters finish ends? I don't like to back stitch or leave untidy ends. Do newer machines (mine's 29 years old) have a feature which tidily knots/buries the ends or do you need to add the human touch for an invisible finish?

Today one of the big stores began their large annual toy sale. Miss E and Miss V had been saving and waiting to buy some new Lego. The older ones also chose a new family board game to enjoy in the two week winter school holidays which are about to begin. As teacher of our Homeschool I'm declaring an early start to our holidays! We are all very ready for a good break.

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amanda said...

I'm so happy by blogger reading list / following feed is working again!

Looks like your home is as busy as usual. The beautiful neatness of your sewing always mesmerizes me.
We're enjoying summer vacation here with many fun projects. Even though we're mostly outdoors this time of year, still plenty of Lego activity going on, too. :)
Hope you all have a wonderful break!

Unknown said...

Dear Karen
So beautiful! I love the first one
very much- great contrasts.
The photos are wonderful!


Kim said...

Early start to the holidays sounds great to me! Two hexie can never have too many!! Beautiful quilting on your special request quilt. My machine has an ending stitch and a scissors application....though I still have to cut the small thread at the back.

eileeninmd said...

I love these pretty patterns and colors, it will be a beautiful quilt..It is nice to see your children playing games, legos were popular with my son. Have a happy day!

Gone Country said...

Gorgeous! They will be both be beautiful quilts!

Being new to quilting I never thought of hand finishing the ends. I would definitely take the time to do that because I don't like to see the back stitching either. Question, is there a tutorial or trick to it? I'm thinking you just need a good length of thread on each end in order to make and bury the knots?

geanina said...

The photos are wonderful! :)

Lisa Gordon said...

Declaring break early???
I'll just bet you are one loved teacher, Karen!

I see what you mean about combining the quilt blocks. Individually though, they are both beautiful.

Sue C said...

Both quilts will be absolutely stunning. The first so calm and serene and the second with that bit of a pop will be gorgeous.
Enjoy the school holidays!

Anne / Springleaf Studios said...

I love those piles, especially the top one.

EricaSta said...

Dear Karen,
waiting for your next post .... Now I understand. The Lot of work with the quilts.
They look both so fantastic! I couldn't decide between I like more.
And I see little Miss E with the Lego and Must smiling :)

We have now summertime and holiday. And we will drive to a little Tour in the Weekend.

Wish you a good time, send greetings from Augsburg

Dorothy said...

I hope you and your family enjoy the holidays, Karen. We've finished up for the term, today. How delicious is it know there's days ahead of rest and fun?

I've said it before, but I'll say it again... your quilts just pop when you add a thread of navy. Just beautiful.

Have a wonderful weekend. :)

Preeti said...

Absolutely love your choice of pale aquas and limey greens, the finished quilt (quilts?? ;)) is going to be gorgeous!
PS: Thanks so much for visiting my blog :)

Ranten said...

Beautiful colors! Good weekend from me. Marit :-))

Michelle @ From Bolt to Beauty said...

I've been working with giant 16-inch hexies, but your dainty EPP ones are lovely and making me consider giving them a go!

Kelsey Boes said...

love these colors. the little bicycle in the middle of the one is adorable

Mary Huey said...

I spent last evening "burying" threads, too -- I have a machine that "tacks" the endings but the results area a little ball of thread on the back side, so I still bury the threads. Using a "self-threading" needle to do that is a huge time-saver for me, but it's still a tedious task.

hydeeannsews said...

even those of us with fancy new machines still have to tie and bury knots. that's one feature i'd love to see invented!

i love both piles of flowers and agree with you on them needing separation. the gold and navy really is such a happy and cheerful pile while the other is calm and content, as you were aiming for.

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