Friday, August 29, 2014

Your Favourite Sliver Use

I have thoroughly enjoyed exploring several ideas using Gutermann Sulky Sliver threads in two of my most recent quilts. Sliver was a new-to-me thread and its beautifully shiny, smooth properties have proved perfect for certain projects. With 200 m/220 yds on each reel, this is a feature thread which goes a long way.

One of you now have a chance to win a selection of five different Sliver threads from those shown above. To enter you need to leave a comment below to let me know how you would like use Sliver thread. So let's have a quick recap of the some of various ways I have used it over the last couple of months - you may well have other ideas which you would like to try (I think it would be a great feature thread in embroidery too).

- Hand stitching an outline around an existing print.

- Straight line decorative machine stitching.

- Free motion machine stitching/outlining.

- Machine outlining turned appliqué.

- Straight line machine quilting

- Decorative machine quilting and outlining (Opalescent shown in the two photos above).

 - more decorative machine stitch quilting.

Sulky Gutermann Sliver comes in 24 colours. I have only seen the twelve as shown above.

8017 Peacock Blue                      8011 Light Copper
8052 Royal Blue                          8040 Opalescent
8013 Fuchsia                              8020 Multi-Colour Vibrant
8003 Light Gold                          8014 Christmas Red
8007 Gold                                  8019 Green
8001 Silver                                8050 Purple

Sliver is a special thread and needs a little extra care when machine stitching. For best results you need to use a vertical spool pin. Both my new and 29 year old (now broken) machine have a vertical spool pin, designed as an option for bobbin winding. I have successfully sewn with Sliver on both machines. Using longer stitches makes the most of Slivers smooth shiny properties. Lower stitch tension, slower speed and using a metallic or larger size needle such as a 14/90 also assist in achieving best results. I used Guterman's regular Sew All polyester thread on the bobbin. You can learn more on Sulky's website here and the Sulky of America blog here.

If you would like the chance to choose five of the Sliver reels above, leave a comment explaining how you would use Sliver thread - I'll be interested to hear your ideas. A winner will be drawn next week Friday, a week from now. (If you are a no reply blogger, be sure to include your email address with your comment).

* Three weeks ago Gutermann surprised me by generously gifting me with more than one of each of the colours shown above - plenty for my own uses and enough to share too.

Draw now closed. My 10 year old daughter picked the winning name from a bowl held above her head. And the winner is:

Marijke VanderVlist whose comment was -

I would use it for the Xmas sewing projects, it would sure spice up the serviettes and tablecloth and a wall decoration. I’ve got quite the pile waiting for me.
And I use it as my appliqué thread for a fairy and gnome wall hanging I’m planing for the kids room.
Happy sewing! Cheers, Marijke 

Congratulations Marijke! It sounds like you have some wonderful plans for using the Sliver threads. I will be in touch to arrange delivery and for you to choose which five colours you would like to have.


Moois van mie said...

ow, that looks as nice material ! I would search for a way to use it in my jewelry.

Giga said...

Nice effe rtmi sewing threads. Unfortunately, I do not do it, and so I will take your suggestion city participation. I greet you.

DeborahGun said...

would it work for hand quilting? I think it would add great sparkle to a quilt I want to make using some Anna Maria Horner fabric. They are rich colours and some sparkly hand quilting would draw them out even more.

Renee said...

I love the snowflakes! Those are my favorite. I love the little hand stitched details with the silver, I would probably do something like that too. Or incorporate it in some embroidery!

ann said...

I am actually working on a "starry night" mini- quilt that these would be perfect for! I'd love to win but I'm also probably going to go buy some this weekend. :)

Anita Johnson said...

I may never make a quilt panel, but you inspire me to dream about it. This is just beautiful!

geanina said...

looks very nice! beautiful images!

Lisa Gordon said...

I saw this thread (in person!) for the first time, just a few days ago, Karen, and it really is beautiful. I love the way you've used it, and can just imagine how wonderful it will be for holiday creations of all kinds.

Have a fantastic weekend!

Jeanne said...

Love how you have used this gorgeous thread Karen! Your projects are always so gorgeous! I am way too far away to mail this, but the thread is lovely!

Karen @ Pieces of Contentment said...

Deborah I think it would be perfect for some feature hand quilting. However as it’s not as strong as regular cotton or polyester thread I would be inclined to also include some strength/support hand quilting in a stronger thread too, using the Sliver more for extra feature quilting.

Marijke said...

I would use it for the Xmas sewing projects, it would sure spice up the serviettes and tablecloth and a wall decoration. I’ve got quite the pile waiting for me.
And I use it as my appliqué thread for a fairy and gnome wall hanging I’m planing for the kids room.
Happy sewing! Cheers, Marijke

Elise Lea said...

What beautiful thread! I would use it as a feature in a quilt or possibly on a garment even. I think it would look stunning on just about everything!

EricaSta said...

Wow, this is a wonderful work again, dear Karen. Thanks for the Umseglung tips, too.
Few days ago I sewed a fabric Heart Hand stitching. It was than filled with lavender.
Now I make a Break with my Blog but visit all my blogfriends :)


Dirk Rosin said...

det første og det siste er knall synes jeg !

Rachaeldaisy said...

I do like experimenting with different threads but have never tried these. I think they would look wonderful embellishing some wool felt applique, I like the idea of different textures playing together. I really love how you have used them in your machine stitching too. Thank you for offering the chance to try some with your giveaway.

Julie said...

Wow - it is so beautiful - I would like to use it for quilting some special projects and as accent stitching on some favourite fabrics. Thanks for the chance.

Unknown said...

beautiful! I'm working on my first paper piecing hexagon quilt and would use the thread to highlight the various Japanese features on the quilt. Thanks for sharing your journey of quilting and life on your blog :-)

Anonymous said...

Pretty sparkly threads all in a row and congratulations to the winner!!

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