Monday, October 30, 2017

Did You Say PINK?

The sun had just risen when I heard a strange noise, and there it was again! I looked to the sky as a huge ballon was edging over the trees and roof tops. I grabbed my camera and snapped away from my front step as those in balloon called out morning greetings and I replied in kind as I waved back. After they were out of sight I quickly hopped in our car and drove in the direction they were going. Only a few blocks away I found they had just landed on one of our local cricket fields. My immediate thoughts were that maybe it was a special promotion for the beginning of our summer cricket season - after all it was a 'Pink Stumps' balloon, sponsored by a cricket related breast cancer foundation - and it landed on our cricket fields on the first day of this season's games! But no - nothing to do with cricket. It was one of a group of balloons, part of a Jacaranda Queen candidate's (Alana Gordon) fundraising event as were the balloons I unexpectedly saw last month. I spoke briefly with Alana's mother who was on this balloon.

This McGrath Foundation balloon is the largest pink balloon in the world with a capacity of 25 adults. I found it fascinating to observe more closely and feel the heat of the burner even when a distance away. I also didn't realise the balloon top was open until I wondered all around when it was on the ground.

As coincidence would have it, our own dainty Jane McGrath rose has been in flower all month. A beautiful, yet hardy rose bred especially for Australian conditions and named in honour of Jane McGrath.

The warm weather and very welcomed spring showers have seen all the countryside turn beautiful shades of green and allow spring flowers to burst into glorious displays. It seems fitting to have a poppy from Miss O's garden beside her 16th birthday cake - an amazing rich and very tasty baked Triple Chocolate Cheesecake with Oreo Crust.

Only a little stitching has been happening amongst all of life's happening, yet once more I see a reflection of the colours I am currently surrounded by in nature.

Our town/city has been progressively bursting into masses of magnificent purple Jacaranda flowers. Each day more lovely than the last. Next post I will be filled with purple.....and if you can't wait you can always check my Instagram feed.   :)

PS - On Saturday Alana Gordon (balloon event above) who was crowned Jacaranda Queen for 2017, beginning our town's week long Jacaranda Festival.

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Paige said...

When I saw your post on IG, I thought it was quite large! Great photos capturing the event!

s.c said...

Marvelous pictures as always. Never saw a balloon that big. By looking at the chocolate cheesecake photo I thought first what are those worms doing there but after reading your tekst I understand that it are the sides of the Oreo cookies. Funny.

Karen @ Pieces of Contentment said...

Your comment made me smile - the context and words make all the difference.


FlowerLady Lorraine said...

A wonderful post!

Happy spring ~ FlowerLady

Lisa Gordon said...

Oh, how I would love to see the Jacaranda trees, Karen. I truly do not think I have seen a more beautiful tree. it is fitting to have a festival for them.

Miss O's birthday cake looks so yummy. Two of my favorite things (chocolate and cheesecake)!

Wishing you a very Happy 16th Birthday, Miss O!! :-)

Have a wonderful week, Karen.


Julie said...

Such a huge balloon, would be amazing to fly in one. That chocolate dessert looks delicious - another recipe to pin.

Cathy said...

What a medley of wonderful things in your life. Your photography is up there with the best.
Blessings Karen!

christine said...

Another BEAUTIFUL post! Is the curbing painted purple all the time? Everywhere? I absolutely LOVE the picture with the flower that looks to me almost like Queen Anne’s Lace. It seems to almost float especially with the out of focus surrounding area. The sprinkling of your EPP is just lovely as well.

Liz said...

As always, a beautiful set of images! What a delight to see the hot air balloon!

Jeanne said...

That is about the biggest ballon and basket I have ever seen. Wow! 25 adults, that is a lot. I have been on several balloon rides but much smaller basket. A lot of fun to float over the landscape.

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