Friday, January 21, 2011


School holidays provide a good opportunity for me to work on extra cleaning and de-cluttering, especially when combined with flood threats! Here is my entire maternity wardrobe from the last three or four pregnancies: four summer dresses - two of which I made, the other two were everyday dresses found on special. As I am now decidedly closer to 50 than 40, the chances of me needing these again are remote. My gorgeous snuggly "baby" will turn three next month.

Time for these to go to Life Line (charity) where someone else may find them useful.
There is something so very special about every newborn, and having your own is a true gift from God. For now I am so very grateful for the wonderful children we already have (to think we nearly stopped at two) and look forward to the hope of loving grandchildren of our own one day in the years to come.


august2011 said...

So enjoying my travels through your blog. What energy you possess to do all the things you do. And so well too.
It surprised me that you didn't consider cutting up these maternity dresses for another [commemorative] patchwork.I have only made a few quilts, but they were all from recycled fabrics. I didn't even know that one could buy packs of pre-cut fabric.

Pieces of Sunshine said...

Only the material in the top dress (which I designed and made) would have been suitable for quilting and it was rather well used and faded. It would have been hard to cut up one of my favourite dresses and I hope someone else was able to use and treasure it.

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