Saturday, January 22, 2011

Yes, we DO have a garden.

Our vege patches grew more weeds than anything else during last year. However that's about to change for this year. I had hoped for months to have some eager volunteers to help weed and prepare the soil for planting, but this did not happen.....until this week.

Four of our older children LOVE to play cricket, both in our yard and in local competition. They also LOVE to watch cricket, in real life and on TV. We aren't so keen on long hours of TV viewing and cricket is a long game. We have struck a bargain with the current one-day cricket series. The children can "earn" permission to watch the game if they have completed assigned extra jobs beforehand. This has been a win-win arrangement. The last couple of days the "vege/weed" beds have been returned to a plantable condition. Wonderful. Even littlest miss was keen to be in on the action this morning!

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