Monday, April 25, 2011


Seeing as how my Mum doesn't have a computer, I figure I'm safe enough showing you this now. My Mum is a most lovely lady in so many ways and as much as she doesn't seem that interesting in quilting, she really does appreciate the work and effort of something handmade. She had also seen this quilt in progress sometime last year and exclaimed, unsolicited, about the beautiful colours.

As I pondered this early last month I thought it would make a perfect gift for her and with a milestone birthday coming up, I had a deadline to encourage me to work consistently on it as it was barely half done. It feels so good to have it finished and not sitting around waiting for "one day".

I wanted to make a nice label for the quilt and this is what I ended up making, all hand-stitched. I am pleased with how it looks on the quilt back.

Just today I found a lovely quilt label on Ruth's new-to-me blog. She has used this book (which includes a CD-ROM) for her design. I have now ordered myself a copy as I think the designs will be great for future quilt labels as well as other projects. Now I need to find a suitable pen (permanent, acid free thinline-any suggestions?) for the writing on a label, then I can enjoy embroidering a nice design to make it pretty!

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