Monday, April 11, 2011

Organic Wheat Pack

When I last ordered fabric I included a half yard each of four prints in the new certified organic range "Nature Walk" by Cloud 9. I love the colours and prints. As well as the cloth being certified organic, Cloud 9 uses no chemical brighteners and "use low-impact organic dye-stuff"  for their prints and solids.  Having not bought organic fabric before I was keen to see how it washed and ironed. There was some dye/fluff loss from the dark floral (the cloth the folded ones are sitting on) and the cloth is little lighter-weight than many other quilting fabrics, however overall I am very pleased with it. I love that it is organic and so like looking at these fabrics together that I left them sitting out in their nice little pile for weeks so I could look at them during my days and think of how I might best use them.

My wonderful husband hurt his back a few days ago and it's still quite sore today. A wheat pack was suggested to soothe the pain. This print was about the least "girlie" in my stash and being organic is a bonus for something to be heated and held against the skin. Using a quarter of this half yard and some batting off-cuts, today I quilted them together in wavy lines around the rows of tree. After it was sewn and turned out the right way I filled it with some organic wheat (which I had on hand for our wheat grinder) and stitched the opening closed.

Given a minute in the microwave it is pleasantly warm and has been in constant use since! It is a winner.

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