Friday, June 30, 2017

Changes and Gratefulness

The little photo book-card above has lived on my husband's work desk for the last 10 years but now it has a place at home. We are very grateful for the 14 years which my husband was well enough to work and had full-time employment, even though his health was a constant struggle. This month, after three years of mostly being on sick leave without pay, his employer made the hard yet fair decision to release/retire/fire my husband from his work position on medical grounds. My husband's complex and seemingly unending mental and physical health issues are worsened by any level of stress. So there have been even more medical appointments and many forms for me to fill out for him along with the gathering of medical details etc etc. We are hoping and praying that over time, and with ongoing treatments, his outlook and conditions will improve so he will enjoy living each day and consistently participate in family life in a more meaningful way.

Having five children still living at home is a wonderful blessing - each one adds much to the fun and creative dynamic of our days. The younger three (15, 13 and 9) are still being homeschooled, and as they are all rather independent learners now, our school days tend to roll along without too many hiccups.

Our friends and church family have been very thoughtful and caring as we look to a future of many uncertainties. God has blessed us in many ways and we know that we are not alone. There is a precious peace to rest in, knowing that it's God who ultimately controls our futures and knows everything we go through. Choosing to trust Him and enjoy the blessings of each day while trying to make wise decisions about our future. The beautiful mauve and pink roses (above) from a friend's garden are a lingering reminder of many good things.

The other flowers above are from a visit to Flowers by Bonnie, a local florist shop. Stepping inside Bonnie's always boosts your mood and is a banquet for the senses. So pleased I am welcome there anytime.

Walks over our infamous crooked road, rail, water pipes and pedestrian bridge have the added bonus of observing the beginning stages of the construction of a much needed second bridge - a straight one! Being winter here, the days are mostly more pleasant for walking than during our summer heat.

I have thoroughly enjoyed stitching a few more Ice Cream Soda quilt blocks (design and papers by Jodi Godfrey of Tales of Cloth). I love having a small hand stitching project to work on. This month I also finished a queen size quilt I have been working on for our son and his beautiful wife (delayed due to my shoulder dislocation which continues to heal slowly but surely). Last night I finished stitching a quilt label and plan to attach it tonight. I hope to gift the quilt to them in the next few days, and will share about it soon.  :)

There is much to be grateful for, always.

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