Tuesday, July 31, 2018


We've enjoyed seeing and hearing these little Double-barred Finches around the yard this month - one variety of gorgeous Australian finches. 💛

I’ve long admired the artwork of Geninne D Zlatkis. I have made three quilts featuring her fabrics, one is on my Etsy shop, along with some of her beautiful fabrics
When I discovered Geninne had just released a Weekly Panner, I ordered one. It is a wonderful way to enjoy pieces of Geninne’s artwork every day (August 2018 through to end of 2019). Thank you Geninne! You make the world a more beautiful place.
PS I bought my copy online from Book Depository. We often buy from them, good prices and free worldwide delivery.

Slub voile, fully lined with plain white voile - a beautifully soft and lightweight combination. Over a few days this month I’ve sewn myself two more sleeveless white tops. I wear these 9 days out of 10, all year round with various weight jackets during cooler times. After several months and about 100 wears I find they need replacing and are then used as soft pjs. This is about the fourth time I’ve done this, fine tuning my self-drafted pattern and instructions as I go. It’s not my favourite thing to do but I do love having new bright white tops to wear again.

Our younger ones have delighted to find animal visitors in our backyard lately. In addition to a neighbourhood cat, which is a regular, we have seen a black chicken and also a white rabbit hopping through our yard! Lots of fun except I just realised this afternoon that this cute bundle of white fur is most likely responsible for the vanishing fresh young tips off the seedlings we've been planting lately!!! I guess I'll just have to keep replacing chewed seedlings and leave the occasional carrot out for him, hoping he will eat them instead.

Early morning fog, especially pretty on those warmer winter mornings.

The view at Brooms Head, just a few steps from my brother’s caravan camping site. The children and I had a great day catching up with his family (holidaying from interstate), letting cousins have time together too. It’s a beautiful spot! 
The original 12 Norfolk Island pines were planted in 1916 by a nearby farmer, one for each of his 12 children. Only two have needed replacing.

A touch frosty overnight with sunny days reaching 24°C/75°f. Grafton has beautiful winter days! 

 Sharing some beach gems with hubby on the way to his specialist appointment down at Coffs Harbour. Sapphire Beach followed by Diggers Beach. We are spoilt for beach choices in our area!

Big River is an apt nickname for the Clarence. Another beautiful sunset. Our July has been filled with mostly cool mornings, including some frosts, and beautiful warm sunny days reaching an average maximin temperature of 22.5C/72.5F. Most the land around has browned off with the frosts and lack of rain. We look forward to some spring showers and green grass once more.

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