Wednesday, April 8, 2020

Dancing Waters Quilt

A new quilt is completed - for a special family friend with whom I have shared over 40 years of friendship. It was the birth of Sue's first grandchild in 2010 which motivated me make my first ever quilt, then early in 2016 I made a larger quilt for her third grandchild. Later that year Sue was delighted when I offered to make a quilt for her. We created a shared Pinterest board to gather ideas for colours and style.  The inspiration quilt we settled on was made by Nicole @purlverde on Instagram

There was no hurry and a series of major life events filled my life and also Sue's. A start was made on the quilt last year, amongst wedding preparations for one of our daughters. 

Kona Cottons - mostly 1/4 yard lengths
Stingray in Aquamarine, part of Tula Pink's Zuma fabric collection - a perfect backing. 

Stacks of blocks sorted according to colour intensity
The many 'blocks' which I had sewn were stored away over the long extended holiday season. During our long road trip in October-November we spent a night at Sue's amazing new seaside home on the NSW South Coast. It was so good to envisage exactly where this quilt was destined.

Last month our family settled back into 'normal' routine and our long summer was drawing to a close. It was the perfect time to focus on adding to my pile of blocks and piecing them into a quilt top. The background sounds of waves crashing on our nearby beach made it easy to imagine ocean waters twinkling in the sunlight as I sewed fabric pieces into blocks and blocks into strips. The name Dancing Waters seemed just right!

Hobbs organic cotton batting makes soft and clean middle layer. The organic wavy quilting lines in threads of various colours blend with the fabric and add interest while adding to the water effect.

Last week Tuesday it was finished, including a label and card. The quilt measures approximately 200cm by 190cm, just right for Sue's bed. We took a quick walk down on the beach to capture some photos before carefully boxing and mailing it off the Sue. It looked like it belonged at the seaside, very happily dancing in the wind with the ocean sparkling behind.

Yesterday it arrived at its seaside destination and Sue sent this photo of it already in place, filling her home with ocean colours. A very happy end to this quilt's story - or maybe it's just the beginning....

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