Thursday, August 31, 2017

Winter's End

As our winter draws to a close, so our sport seasons change also. Final games of hockey are being played (Miss O and Miss G) and the winter training camps for cricket will soon culminate in trials and then on to State Country Championships for those selected.

Our winter has been relatively mild and dry. Many local property holders are busy burning off excess ground cover as a preventative measure before the bush fire danger period.

Hand sewing continues to be my pleasant time filler when waiting for appointments or between each day's needful activities, and once more at night to wind down as I wait for all in the house to become quiet, allowing for sleep.

Our local homeschool group has enjoyed a set of art workshops run by one of the mums who is a trained art teacher. It's wonderful to be able to learn from each other and share our passions. Very grateful for those parents who organise activities for our group - so many options this year that we choose carefully those which ones to participate in each term.

Personal updates: My husband's health has slightly improved  :)
My mother had a few days in hospital over the last week, a pacemaker has been fitted and other issues are being investigated.
A close family friend, younger than me, lost her DIY husband suddenly in an accident at home this week. Very sad.

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