Tuesday, March 27, 2018

A Quilt - At Last!

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Peta and I 'met' on Instagram, prompting me to drop in to her shopfront, Zaaton Tea House, late one October afternoon. I soon discovered Peta's passion for supporting the local creative community, locally grown flowers and friendly homestyle teas and refreshments. 

Peta enquired about a custom lap quilt for patrons to use while enjoying refreshments in the cooler months. It seemed the perfect project for Indie Folk fabric which had just been released by Art Gallery Fabrics. With Peta's input fabrics, and design ideas came together. I was planning for this to be my January project - but then my mil suddenly passed away just after Christmas and life took a different turn.

This finish may be later than planned, but as our summer continues to linger long and hot, the timing is just right with cooler days sure to arrive sometime next month!

March has come with its usual flurry of cricket finals which overlap with the beginning of training for the hockey season. With Miss E's (10) enthusiasm it looks like we have many more years of cricket finals ahead. She participated in 4 different levels/ages of cricket this summer and would have been eager to even play senior's first grade (mostly men), like her older sister if she had been selected!

Meanwhile I enjoy the birdlife and changing skies while watching a select few hours of cricket.

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