Thursday, November 9, 2017

Jacaranda Love


There's something breathtaking about trees covered in masses of purple flowers. Mid Spring every year our town erupts into glorious displays of purple as the hundreds of jacaranda trees briefly flower in a magnificent display. Many of the these gracious trees are over 100 years old, with mature trunks and spreading branches attesting to their many years. 

Since 1935 Grafton has celebration this beautiful time of year with the annual Jacaranda Festival, a special time for both locals and tourists. Commencing on the last weekend in October through to the first weekend of November every year, the Grafton Jacaranda Festival is the longest running floral festival in Australia, complete with the crowning of a Jacaranda Queen, Princess and other 'royal' party members.

Many of the photos above were taken at or near See Park, our largest park in town which continues to be a favourite location for tourists and locals like myself who 'play tourist' with cameras at this wonderful time of year. There is also an increasing number of international visitors enjoying out purple streets, with quite a few choosing to have photos taken in their wedding clothes under the jacarandas. This year's street float parade even included a surprise proposal, to the delight of the would-be bride and the crowds.

Most of the jacarandas have almost finished flowering, although some linger longer. Soon these South American trees will be bare as their lush fern-like green leaves grow to provide a feathery green summer shade.

Further details of most photos will appear if you hover your cursor over the image.  :)

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