Thursday, January 27, 2011

Beautiful Australia

March 2010 we took an extended driving holiday as a family. My husband and I had previously been to most of the places we visited, however nearly everything was new to the children. Whenever we look back over the photos of our holiday we are ever grateful for the wonderful time we had and also refreshed by the beauty of our country. We drove over 4000 km yet only covered a small fraction of our wonderful country. Sunday I shared one of our photos, I look forward to posting more. I hope you enjoy them too.

Kirribilli House, Sydney harbour,
The Prime Minister's official Sydney residence.

Replica boat, Sydney Harbour
Reminded me of the First Fleet's arrival which we celebrated as a nation yesterday.

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magda and crew in australia said...

Hello Pieces of Sunshine,
I first visited you when I went to explore 'Flowers Today' via Lilac Gate and met your wonderful Poppies.

I decided I would like to contribute to 'Flowers Today' and also visit more beautiful Floral Moments Folk share.
But with having a juggle with the time thing, I went today to see... and there were only a list this time, but as I browsed... the words Pieces of Sunshine drew me... and I found my self right back here, Visiting You!

The difference this time is I browsed instead of just admiring your Poppies.
Felt there was a reason with all those Titles to choose from I picked yours, and I found it... you also are in Beautiful Australia!

I am in Queensland... so hello from me to you... always nice meeting another living in Australia while moving about Blogland.

Love the music you have chosen as a backsound to hear while travelling your Blog.

Am looking forward to visiting again... and maybe even via "Flowers Today".

Kirribilli House is a beautifully grand old building set amid a picturesque location... an Australian Prime Minister's privilege... your photo shows well the beauty of its location.

And seeing a boat on the Water with those fabulous sails is moving. What a challenge Seafarers had when such sails were the way to travel Earth's vast Sea.

Good wishes to you and your Family from Magda in Australia

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