Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Quilt Inspirations

Red Bridge and Wisteria by John Millington

Pyramid Rock Waterfall by John Millington

Claude's Bridge, Tribute by John Millington

Forest Pool by John Millington

A visit to our local art gallery to view my cousin's work last week yielded far more than I had anticipated. Patrycia's work was thought provoking and her co-exhibitor, Jan Pilgrim, had some amazing three dimensional fibre art to share. Both are local artists which happened to grow up in the same street as each other in Sydney. 

However it was the work of another local artist which really caught my eye. John Millington's exhibition titled Bridges to Abstraction was filled with bright colours, sharp lines and beautiful images. The quilter in me was fascinated by his use of colour and shape and the effects he produced.

Unfortunately I cannot share more than the images above as I have recently discovered no photography is allowed at the gallery. Above are photos of the images on gallery's literature which I collected. I hope to return for another visit before these exhibitions are finished.

Very old entryway to a local chemist/pharmacy

Children's wear at our local Target store last weekend

I'm discovering quilting inspiration in unlikely places and now that I have a phone with a useful camera, I can quickly capture these for future ideas. So nice to find inspiration in the real world to supplement the ocean of ideas online. Where do you find creative inspiration in the "real" world?


Kim said...

What a fun excursion, so much inspiration to be found. Love the fibre art...'tis so intricate. As for where do I gain inspiration..as a visual gal, I find inspiration everywhere. There is always something or other popping out whilst I am out and about. The world around me is a visual feast.

Jeanne said...

Love your shots Karen and yes, those phones are so handy to capture things you see for ideas. Thinking about you and know that you will have some fun quilting plans from seeing this. Remembering you daily! Hugs from Texas

s.c said...

I like the art work. Gives inspiration.

Tessa~ Here there be musing said...

so unique!

i especially like the one titled "Very old entryway to a local chemist/pharmacy"... because we have a family corner drug store, begun way back, at the time of our civil war. :-))))


the momma said...

yes ~ a phone camera is so handy for quilt inspiration! I have snapped photos of both dresses and purses at church. One woman's dress had a really cool stair-stepped pattern in grays and whites. When my friend caught me taking the picture, I told her it was just begging to be interpreted as a quilt. She told me it couldn't be done with fabric (but maybe if I knitted...) Ah, I bet she has no idea the challenge she issued to me that day ;-) (I haven't yet figured it out - but one day, I will!)
Nature often inspires me as well, only more with color palettes than patterns or designs.

Lisa Gordon said...

As with photography, there is so much inspiration out there, when we just take the time to notice it.

Your cousin's work is wonderful. Congratulations to her.

Linda R said...

What beautiful work! There is inspiration everywhere! You just have to be willing to look! Happy Tuesday my friend!


Filip Demuinck said...

That's what I call colourful chaos. I mean this in a postive way.


Joy said...

Awesome work.of arts:)

Karen Xavier said...

Interesting... beauty is present wherever you search for her...

Liz said...

What wonderful art work and definitely great inspiration for your quilting.

Dorothy Adamek said...

Oh, I especially loved that last one in Target. :)
Inspiration is EVERYWHERE.

My inspiration as an historical writer comes from reading old journals and letters, but real life (news reports, people's facebook banter... ) it all inspires me to wonder how a similar situation might translate to the 1870s.

Blessings for a wonderful weekend. xx

diane b said...

You have found some interesting places for inspiration. I love the patterns that I can see in nature, in flowers, leaves, rocks and the like.

Erica Sta said...

Good Art ... Thank you for posting!

And (please don`t laugh about) I would like to get this jeans!!!

Greetings by Heidrun

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