Thursday, December 14, 2017


We were all delighted when Naomi told us she would be home for a week's holiday around her/their 20th birthday. Last year Naomi had only recently moved to Sydney and we were planning for a birthday apart - until Naomi unexpectedly turned up on our doorstep late one night!

Soon everyone was counting down the days until Naomi flew home and thinking of things to do while she was here. Being together was the primary focus and the younger girls set themselves goals to complete most of their homeschool studies by the time Naomi arrived.

 Our married son and his wife came 'home' for the birthday and my mother-in-love joined us also. Grace surprised Naomi with a beautiful ukulele as a birthday gift - although I'm sure she would have loved to keep it for herself.

The two things Naomi really wanted to do while home were to have a day trip to Iluka and to set up the Christmas tree. Both of these events are family traditions rich in memories. Our day in Iluka was beautiful, complete with pelicans, seeing the Iluka-Yamba ferry, water play off the pontoon in Iluka Bay and a visit to the bakery.

It was decided that the 1st of December was the day for setting up the Christmas tree. As we unpacked our big box smaller decoration boxes, amongst them I discovered a new Australia Post box with my missing Etsy quilt carefully tucked inside! Back in May I had looked for hours for this smallest quilt (when it sold) but it seemed to have vanished! This dismayed me and sent me scampering to quickly made an identical replacement. Well at last this mystery was solved!

Most of our family photo scrapbooks (my creative outlet for several years before quilting) are stored in the top of the cupboard beside the big Christmas decorations box. Before the empty smaller boxes are returned we usually linger over these special scrapbooks for a while, being amazed at how much everyone has changed and how cute they once were. I'm so grateful to have at least a few years of memories in physical form.

Before we knew it we were farewelling Naomi as she left for Sydney. It was great to be able to say 'see you in three weeks' instead of sad goodbyes. We are all looking forward to having everyone (including our eldest Miss E) home for Christmas.  :)

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s.c said...

Congrats on your daughters anniversary. Stil very strange to see people decorating a Christmas tree with bare arms in a t-shirt. Here we have for the first time after a few years real snow again. Wish you and your family happy Christmas and a very good New Year.

Karen @ Pieces of Contentment said...

Thank you SC. I guess some snow is welcome at this time of year. The only type of white Christmas we are ever likely to have here is a hail storm and we had quite a severe one of these last Saturday - definitely not desirable.


FlowerLady Lorraine said...

Such a delightful post! Happy 20th to your girls.

Love your photos as always.

Happy Christmas holidays to all of you ~ FlowerLady

christine said...

You would not believe how I smiled when I saw this AM that you had posted. I quickly opened and savored your pictures and enjoyed your tale. I can so relate to your joy of finding the well placed quilt. I experienced a much much lesser joy this week upon finding two items I had put ‘safely’ away for charity Thanksgiving Christmas donations. Now if I can just find the candy I hid from my husband so I would have for the Christmas cookie exchange I hosted last week! I need to start checking Instagram...many of my friends and Quilters use it.

Aritha said...

Gefeliciteerd!!! (congrats) on your daughters anniversary. I love to see your family photos. Greetings!

Blogoratti said...

Congratulations, and best wishes!

Karen @ Pieces of Contentment said...

Hi Christine, as I read your beautiful comment on my Friday morning I am smiling too :)
It can be a hazard to put things away safely - and a joy when they resurface. So pleased you rediscovered your two items and one day the candy will turn up too - unless your husband secretly has stumbled on it first. :)

Unknown said...

What a beautiful time together, Karen, and I am so happy that you found your quilt! :-)
Have a wonderful weekend.

Kim@stuffcould.... said...

Oh what fun it looks like all is having. So good she surprised you. The bird is pretty also!

Erin said...

Happy Birthday Girls xx
My the years have raced past!!

Jeanne said...

How wonderful when you and your family are all able to spend time together. It has been amazing watching your children grow and graduate to new lives. Such a blessing family is. I have always thought you had the most beautiful family

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