Friday, March 18, 2011

This Time, This Day, Last Year

I hope you're enjoying a look back at our "big holiday" last year, I certainly am. Early afternoon, March 18 last year we were at "The G". This must sound rather unimpressive to many of you but to our family of many sports lovers, both players and spectators, this was a big event! The Melbourne Cricket Ground or MCG is affectionately known as "The G". My husband was born in Melbourne and still considers AFL (Australian football) his sport of choice.

When we visited The G there happened to be a Sheffield Shield  (state cricket) final in progress. Cricket is a sport many of our family are passionate about. Four of our children have played local cricket this season and three are in their respective grand finals here in our town this afternoon.

We went on a guided tour of The G and were taken right down to the field during the cricket lunch break. It was amazing to be on the ground we (well, not me) so often watch on TV. The G seats close to 100,000 spectators, everything seemed huge!

Our guide let us have a look in at the Members' Library, and even the Members' Lounge, quite a treat!

There are many historic pieces of art and other sport related memorabilia.

The National Sports Museum is also housed at the MCG. We were at about the point of overload, having already had a busy morning including a good bit of travel. Thankfully the sports museum had a large section of hands on interactive activities.....

So much to do and see at the MCG. Several hours later we were back on the road for the next leg of our journey.

Melbourne is one of only a few places in Australia which still have trams, quite a novelty.
Thank you for joining me as we relive our family adventures.

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Kirsten said...

We also went on a tour of the MCG on our way back from Tasmania exactly one month after you were there and later went to the Richmond vs Melbourne AFL game at the "G":)

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