Sunday, March 20, 2011

Otway Fly

After leaving the Cape Otway Lighthouse (previous post) we drove inland for a while to the Otway Fly . Once you have walked down into the warm temperate rainforest the 600m treetop walk begins. This was heaps of fun and just amazing. If you look carefully at the photo above you will just see the spiral stair tower at the end of the steel walkway.

You really are right up in the forest canopy at the top of the tower.

Love those huge trees!

And these wonderful people!

The huge tree ferns look amazing from above.

The walk back out of the forest, all uphill.
This was our afternoon adventure for 19th March 2010. Still more to come for that day.


Erin said...

I feel sick looking down, I don't do heights well at all.

Karen @ Pieces of Contentment said...

Erin, you would NOT have liked "The Springboard". This section of the treetop walk was unsupported at the far end......the children loved it!

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